What is the "Post-It Letter"?
Handwritten Direct Mail starting at: $1.48 each
The YLC "Post-It Letter" gives you personalization, affordability, and scale to reach massive audiences!
1. Envelopes addressed by a real person
2. Your letter printed with color letterhead
3. Handwritten post-it note attached
4. Signed by a real person
Starting at only $1.48 for 100 Letters
Introducing the most affordable, personalized, handwritten direct mail solution on the market!
For less that $1.50, you can get a handwritten, direct mail solution that stands out from all the junk most people receive everyday. Grow your brand with a personal touch.
"Of all mail campaigns that I have tried your system yields the best results so I am a customer for life."

-Grover M., Miami, FL
Who is Yellow Letters Complete?
We are a fully managed direct mail marketing service, helping businesses for over 10 years!

Powered by a dedicated team in northern Wisconsin, we use live writers to hand address envelopes, write notes, and sign letters to help brands stand out, make an impression, and improve responses. 
Our Clients Receive Unheard-of Response Rates Because People Do Not Ignore a Hand-addressed Letter...
Listen to what our customers say:
"Your service is awesome! 
There were 250 letters mailed and of those I received 62 phone calls. I still haven't made it through all of the leads just yet, but I have a couple under contract and offers pending on a few more."

-L.P., Fort Walton Beach, FL
"I'm getting over a 30% RESPONSE RATE! That's unheard of in direct mail. And that's over a 30% response with just one mailing without any follow up mailings."

- Jay C.- Morehead, NC
"Excellent Customer Service. Very prompt and good follow up. With Yellow Letters Complete it's as simple as emailing info - they do everything else. 

A true example of letting professionals do what they do so you can do what you do."

- Jason W., Delaware
With Yellow Letters Complete, you never have to hand-address another letter, post-card, thank you card, or lumpy mail for your marketing campaigns.

Our "white-glove" service always takes care of these details. Every time. Never an extra charge.
Scale your brand with the personal touch of handwritten direct mail!
CASESTUDY: How a Newbie Real Estate Investor Gets a 26.5% ROI on Multitouch Campaigns By Finance Offers to Probate Leads...
Grab Your Copy Of Handwritten Letter Secret Templates 
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30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $7, you're getting the best Yellow Letters Template that we NEVER reveal to the public...
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